[Repost] RPG Easteregg Hunt

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Hab das auffer Platte gefunden, von einer alt ehrwürdigen RPG Seite (GIA – Gaming Intelligence Agency – na wer kennt die noch? kopiert, hier nochmal topaktuell für euch ;)

Breath of Fire 3

* Turn the camera more than 15 degrees

Chrono Trigger

* Reach the other floating islands of Zeal
* Get the programmers’ ending without using New Game +
* Get more than 2000 w.p. as your jet bike race finishing score

Final Fantasy VI

* Get all the Lores and Rages
* Find the treasure that the thief in the cave to the Land of Espers talks about
* NOT defeat Kefka in one turn
* Don’t laugh when Kefka turns to dust
* Beat Chupon in the Colosseum

Final Fantasy VII

* Get the “All Lucky 7′s” attack
* Get the last green balloon in the beginner course in the Snow Game
* Immediately knock down every G-bike enemy
* Beat the game using all initially equipped equipment and avoid all random battles. (Just try to do this before your grandchildren graduate.)
* Off the top of your head, count the total number of Sephiroth clones
* Date Yuffie
* Date Barret

Final Fantasy Tactics

* Find every mistranslation
* Steal all the Genji equipment from Elmdor
* Have Alma learn Ultima
* Get the whole party to learn the Zodiac summon

Parasite Eve

* Reach the top of the Chrysler Building
* Get enough junk to actually make items


* Gotta catch ‘em all!

SaGa Frontier

* Find every item in every sidequest for every scenario
Make the game seem linear

Secret of Evermore

* Stay sane while you read all those stupid movie quotes


* Call the game an RPG and keep a straight face
* Call Zelda 2 an actual Zelda game

Zelda 64

* Beat Ingo with the horse he gives you
* Lose to Ingo with Epona
* Get 2500 points in the Gerudo arrow challenge


* Run the timer out of digits in any RPG without leaving your game system on overnight
* Name every Final Fantasy character (including all the Cids) in reverse alphabetical order, using first and last names
* Now do the above in Pig Latin
* With a working conscience, change the original character names
* Explain the difference between Guardian Forces, Espers, and Summons, and draw out a family tree
* Quit your job to play a newly released Square RPG
* The first time you play a new RPG, name all your characters “Bob,” and try to figure out what is going on
* Recall what having a life was like before RPGs

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